Nov 2012


 Attendees : W. Kiskunas, R. Van Dyk, K. Lacroix


Thank you to the 29 individuals who took the time to complete the online survey.  The data and additional ideas / comments that were given will be very helpful as we begin to organize the next technical conference.  See Survey results below:

1) What time of the year should the SAWE Canada Chapter hold its yearly technical conference?

a) Spring (April – May)     41.4% (12 responses)                                                                                               

b)Fall (Sept – Oct)               58.6% (17 responses)                                                                                                              

2) What time of the week would you be more likely to attend this conference (2 day maximum)?               

a) Monday – Tuesday   17.2% (5 responses)                                                                                                

b) Thursday – Friday    24.1% (7 responses)                                                                                                 

c) Saturday – Sunday   58.6 % (17 responses)                                                                                                   

3) What is your preferred location for the 2013 event?                                                                     

a) Montreal area        39.3% (11 responses)                                                                             

b) Kingston area         32.1% (9 responses)                                                                                

c) Toronto area           28.6% (8 responses)                                                                                                          

4) What is considered a reasonable registration cost for you to attend this event?                                   

a) <$50                24.1% (7 responses)                                                                                                  

b) $50-$75        69.0% (20 responses)                                                                                                   

c) $75-$100      6.9%   (2 responses) 

5) If your preference to the above questions were met, would you consider presenting / facilitating a topic at the 2013 event?

a) Yes                 55.2% (16 responses)                                                                                                  

b) No                  44.8% (13 responses)                   

1a) Review of Action Items from previous meeting

  • Send out survey to all Canadian Chapter SAWE members with respect to their preferences for the next Canadian SAWE Conference (ie. location, time of year, day, etc).  (Action: CLOSED R. Van Dyk).
  • Coordinate the membership listing on the website so that this list corresponds to  the most current membership listing to date (Action: OPEN Executive).
  • Review of  a possible standard template for presentations during the SAWE Conferences.  A standard template draft was submitted by N. Riou to The Executive and is currently under further review.  Look at possible logo and layout reorganization to the draft template (Action: OPEN G. Shpati).
  • Discussion about the site for the 2015 International Conference (Action: OPEN Executive)

1b) Review of Older Action Items from previous meetings

  • Update website with CAEP Information.  Feedback received from T. Vella and R. Hargrave.  SAWE to support the ongoing discussions and receive updates (Action: OPEN  R. Hargrave & T. Vella).

2)      Other Business

Next years 72nd  International SAWE Conference will be held inSt. Louis,Missouri on May 18-22, 2013.

3)      Future Technical Decisions

Possible future topics for discussion:

  • Buoyancy Analysis (TBD)
  • Weight Projection – Parametrics, analytical tools that stress uses for sizing etc.  A possible Telecon and open forum could be organized to further the discussion (R. Van Dyk – TBD)
  • Existing SAWE publications, which can be accessed by all SAWE members, will be used as a starting point and reference for our discussions.
  • What is involved in Hosting an International Conference
  • Fuel Migration
  • Hypermesh Tool,OptimizationCenters, and Program Management
  • RP 100 – Kick Off meeting end of November 2012

4) Next Meeting : Thursday December 13th, 2012 @ 12:15

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