Nov 2013

November 2013 Minutes


Attendees : R. van Dyk, W. Kiskunas,  A. Tang, R. Hargrave, S. Norris       


Whidy, April, and Rod attended the TSAA (Toronto Students for the Advancement of Aerospace) Conference ( in Toronto on Oct.26, 2013.  The conference was entitled, the “DIY Innovator”, and was an opportunity for various speakers to address the topic of Innovation in Aerospace.  Please check out their website for details.  The various topics were very interesting and informative…an excellent venue for students in Aerospace, giving them a broad view of the challenges and opportunities ahead in this field of study.  This was a perfect opportunity for our organization to be present since the challenges we have in the field of mass properties. (i.e.: the constant drive to design/build things lighter/stronger/faster requires innovative materials and techniques) 

Our team hosted a display table showing examples of our website, technical papers, journals, and reference materials.  We offered free membership for students joining our chapter, and encouraged them to submit technical papers for future chapter and international conferences. 

As a result, several students expressed interest in joining our organization.  At the time of this writing, 3 new student memberships have been received…more pending follow-up. 

Welcome to the SAWE : Thomas Pearson, Matthew Lee, and Graeme Klim! 

1a) New Actions  

  • Send updated roster to executive by Dec.1, 2013 so that our new members will receive future communications from the chapter – APRIL
  • Follow-up with students that did not register with the SAWE, but had shown interest at the conference – APRIL
  • Look for further opportunities to create partnerships with student engineering organizations, specifically in the Montreal region – ROB/STUART
  • Request more SAWE International financial support in maintaining our sponsorship/attendance at further TSAA or similar conferences for the purpose of marketing the SAWE and growing our membership – WHIDY (discuss with Ron Fox) 

1b) Review of Older Action Items from previous meetings (all these items are past due) 

  • Membership incentives : Ron Fox letter
    • 33 Canada Chapter members have paid
    • Send notification to members in arrears – APRIL
    • Any non-renewing members will be removed from our roster by end-November – ROD
    • New member: Frank Acacia  (add contact details to rosterAPRIL)
  • Follow-up actions from Montreal conference
    • Note to membership – giving details on the conference – ROD
    • Thank you to participants and attendees – ROBERT
    • Thank you to Altair – Vendor Sponsor and presenter – WHIDY
    • Thank you to SAWE International – Anthony Primozich – ROBERT 
  • Clean up website Forum as it is getting filled up with SPAM.  Look into approved users for the Forum such as a login for the Forum and an administrator who would approve users.  Other ideas to be examined as well.  (Action: OPEN G. Shpati and Executive – Rod cleaning it up on a regular basis)

 2)     Other Business

 The Committee for SAWE Weight Reporting is progressing with developing a weight reporting standard.    Various representatives, including those who are members of the SAWE Canada Chapter are contributing to this ongoing discussion.  Whidy gave a brief update of these activities and has been forwarding some draft documents to the executive for feedback.  This was also a discussion topic at this year’s conference in Montreal.

 3)     Future Technical Decisions / Topics 

  • Decision on whether to host an International Conference on Mass Properties in Canada
    • Organize meetings – create team
    • Set-up discussion blog

 4) Next Meeting: Thursday Dec.19th, 2013 @ 12:15pm

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