About us

Welcome to the Canada Chapter of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers.

The Chapter promotes the exchange of mass properties and weight engineering data within the country of Canada. SAWE is comprised of engineering professionals from the aerospace, shipbuilding, land vehicle and allied industries.

The Society offers to members and industry a medium for the pooling and exchange of data and experience at local and regional levels, fostering a higher degree of efficiency in Mass Properties Engineering topics. Regular chapter, regional and international meetings provide an opportunity for mass properties engineers to meet and to discuss mutual problems, procedures and specifications, thus broadening their individual horizons and becoming better informed. The aims of the Society are focused on several key areas, among which are:

Providing a means for those interested in Mass Properties Engineering to work together to further their professional goals.

• Promoting recognition of Mass Properties Engineering as a specialized discipline in the entire spectrum of professional engineering.

• Serving as a medium for the exchange of current mass properties related techniques and state of the art improvements in the profession.

• Promoting the design and manufacture of optimum weight equipment, development of new materials, and improvements in the state of the art.

• Encouraging members to promote continuous improvement in the interrelations between mass properties engineers for mutual benefit.

• Publicly recognizing any person or organization that significantly enhances the professionalism of the Society or develops new technology that improves the state of the art of Mass Properties Engineering efficiencies.

• Promoting the inclusion of Mass Properties Engineering in the curriculum of study in institutions of higher learning.

• Providing training for those working in the field of Mass Properties Engineering.


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