Jan 2018 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter

Executive Meeting Minutes – Monthly Teleconference

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

12:15pm – 1:00pm ET



  • Kiskunas
  • van Dyk
  • Hargrave
  • Newsham
  • Gamble
  • Tang



Emerging Topics

  1. New items
  2. Current SAWE Canada business
    1. Website Status update (discussion with George
  1. Operational as of this morning..
  2. WordPress/Backup/Admin
    1. Survey email notice deployed
  1. Current SAWE International business – Recent Communications
    1. SAWE Break Sponsor – Texas 2018
    2. Vista Laptops
    3. SAWE Nominations for Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award and Ed Payne Outstanding Young Engineer Award
    4. Request for topic areas for SAWE Conferences – John H Nakai john.h.nakai@aero.org
    5. Passing of Jim Valentine
  2. Review of last minutes and status on open items
  3. Closing Discussion

Confirm next meeting



SAWE Canada Website

Website went down

Still not everyone is able to access it, but need to clear browser history to make it work.

WordPress has been updated several times, which had likely caused some of the publication issues with attachments.  WordPress 4.9.1 which will increase website security.

Uploading pics of Montreal conference still to be done.


Chapter Membership

ACTION: Rod / Whidy to discuss the reviews / comments and send out the survey to the chapter. Send email to the newer members for survey of who they are, what they do and what would they like to see from the society.  ECD Feb 2018 meeting.

Compare to the international survey that just went out to see if it’s still viable for chapter-specific questions to be sent out.

ACTION: Rod – follow up with Andy now that Regional conference in TX is finished regarding BC members to possibly join Seattle chapter for better regional representation, if they haven’t yet renewed.

Will organize a teleconference between Andy and Robert / Whidy / Rod to discuss about eventually having regional chapters for BC and ON/QC, vs the Seattle chapter membership instead.  ECD TBD.


SAWE Canada Chapter – Plans for 2018

Usually get an email request from SAWE international for plan for this coming year (calendar year, so next January)

Chapter reports will be expected for 2018 International in March/April.

Continue to reach-out to the universities (no recent collaboration from Ryerson or UofT for further papers)

Rod to do Ryerson University presentation for the interns at Safran – good outreach to students from 4 Toronto-area university.

Industry and universities presentations (particularly the one that was translated into French that hasn’t been presented yet in Montreal)

Membership drive (student and professional), engagement with current members (see above section for current actions)

2018 Fall Technical Conference – start discussing strategy / feasibility.  It’s a great representation for the Canada Chapter.  Importance of mentoring / training for future generation of mass properties.  Look at training program vs papers and presentations.

Social gatherings held instead in Toronto and Montreal for outreach to current, past and future members.

Identify needs within companies for training to target properly to show value of SAWE.



Survey – International

International survey was distributed by Whidy on Jan 10 from the SAWE Executive.

Responses asked to be done Jan 17, to be distributed to each of the mass properties teams of the SAWE membership.

In 5 to 10 years we could potentially lose up to 50% of the membership with the active SAWE.

Results to be discussed at the Texas international conference


Nomination forms for Fellowships and Awards

Whidy – Received nomination forms for fellow, associate fellow, Richard Boynton Award, Ed Payne award.  He has distributed this out to the SAWE Canada chapter for nominations.


SAWE Executive Position

International positions open – no interest yet from SAWE Canada chapter?


2018 International Conference – Texas

Rod has been participating in supporting the Texas international.

Request for papers – Texas will be a heavy ship building conference, need aircraft related papers

Airlines affairs (Rob Hargrave) – passenger loading input / recommendations. See what needs to be done to justify having an airline affairs session at the Texas conference.

  • Robert working to see about there being an active regular monthly meeting – airlines affairs
  • One significant discussion topic is the ongoing issue is weighing of passengers instead of a general survey of weight.
  • Robert noted that the minutes from previous airline affairs sessions haven’t been posted online. will contact Andy to see about how individuals in the various chapters
  • previous topics have been passenger weights, cargo preservation from FAA

SAWE Canada are now a break sponsor for the Texas conference ($500 has been donated for this directly to Ron Fox).

ACTION: Need to contact the conference organizers to ensure that we are properly registered for this on RegOnline.  Will be determined at next monthly meeting with organization committee (Rod with Paul Kennedy).

Great news for vendors for 2018: We had some MTL conference vendors that are continuing onto TX conference, and a vendor (Stratasys) that was too late to support MTL that have signed up as a vendor for TX.

Lots of shipbuilding papers, very few aerospace papers.  Need to get some more balance to make sure the conference is successful.


International Conference Laptops

Vista Laptops to be discarded – too old to continue being used.

TX branch will be responsible for purchase / rental of new ones for the conference.

Rob still has them, needs to clean them out before they are donated or recycled.


Passing of Jim Valentine

He was the one at the international conference that always flew the Canadian flag at the conference dinners to encourage the SAWE Canada chapter to host an international conference.


Upcoming International Conferences

2018 – Texas

2019 – Virginia

2020 – Hamburg, Germany (just accepted by the International Committee)



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