Dec 2009


EXECUTIVE MEETING No 94 – by WEBEX – Minutes – 2009 Dec. 08

Attendees :
Whidy Kiskunas, Rod van Dyk, Robert Hargrave, Roger Clapp, Keith Brewer


1. Job Opportunities

• Any job opportunities within the weights community can be forwarded to the executive. A notice and link will be posted on the chapter website.
• Forward details of latest job opportunities at Bombardier – Montreal to George Shpati for inclusion in the chapter website. (Action: Roger Clapp and/or Robert Hargrave)

2. Chapter Website

• The executive has been reviewing the new website ( with the following comments:

• Need a unique URL address (suggest sawecanada) (Action: G. Shpati)
• Populate with latest meeting minutes (Action: R. van Dyk)
• Transfer existing data from current website (may need support from J.M Flamand) (Action: G. Shpati to discuss with J.M Flamand)
• Start populating “calendar” with upcoming meeting dates/times, and conferences. (Action: R. van Dyk)
• Import existing Canada Chapter logo. (Action: G. Shpati, support from A.Vella)
• Advertise SAWE International Conference (Action: W. Kiskunas)
• Ensure G. Shpati is re-imbursed for yearly fees (Action: R. Clapp)

• We are currently welcoming any ideas and suggestions for improvements to the website. Please feel free to e-mail any of the executive members or leave messages with George Shpati on the website (FORUM tab) after you create a login.

3. Other Business

• The Recommended Practice that was spearheaded by Whidy Kiskunas and involved many members of the Canada Chapter has been approved (RP#100), and can be downloaded from the International website ( Thank you to everyone who made this project a success, and congratulations, for a job well done!
• All future Executive meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month (at noon) using WebEx. Please contact Rod van Dyk if you would like to participate in any of these monthly meetings.
• The executive continue to pursue regular technical discussions with the membership, but topics have not been forwarded to the executive for review. This will be an item of discussion for upcoming meetings, since we wish to engage our membership into the activities of the SAWE. Please forward your ideas for discussion to any member of the executive so that we can begin this important activity.

4. Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 13, 12:00 noon.

Submitted by:
Rod van Dyk
Secretary – SAWE Canada Chapter (2009-2010)

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