Jul 2013

July 2013 Minutes


Attendees: R. van Dyk, W. Kiskunas,  A. Tang, R. Hargrave, S. Norris       


 1a) Review of Action Items from previous meeting

 The bulk of our meeting discussed details on the planning of the next chapter technical conference:

    • Date : Sept.28-29, 2013
    • Location : Montreal
    • Hotel: Hilton Bonaventure – contract is signed
    • Responsibilities :
      • Hotel/catering contracts – K. Lacroix
      • Advertising & call for papers : R. van Dyk/G.Shpati
      • Book-keeping – A. Barth
      • Photographer – N. Riou
      • Social/Dinner events – S. Norris/R. Hargrave
      • Vendor table – R. van Dyk
      • Agenda – W. Kiskunas
    • WHIDY – draft agenda and include abstracts of presentations – target by end of July
    • ROD – add conference dates to website calendar – July 24
    • GEORGE – add invitation to website – by end of July
    • STUART/NICOLAS – lanyards and name tags – by end of Aug
    • STUART/ROB – finalize Saturday dinner plans and excursion on Sunday – submit ideas before next meeting – finalize at Aug meeting
    • ROB – Create attendee list and share with Exec at next meeting

 1b) Review of Older Action Items from previous meetings

 Review of a possible standard template for presentations during the SAWE Conferences.  A standard template draft was submitted by N. Riou to The Executive and is currently under further review.  Look at possible logo and layout reorganization to the draft template by the end of May (URGENT Action: OPEN G. Shpati).

  • Post the invitation and information pertaining to the September 2013 Conference on our website.   (URGENT Action: OPEN: Executive).
  • Clean up website Forum as it is getting filled up with SPAM.  Look into approved users for the Forum such as a login for the Forum and an administrator who would approve users.  Other ideas to be examined as well.  (Action: OPEN G. Shpati and Executive). 
  • The executive has decided to participate in the TSAA conference in Toronto on Saturday, Oct.25-27 2013.  We will be noted as a minor sponsor ($300 payment being received by the end of July) for the event in exchange for allowing us to set-up a one-day booth at the event (Oct.26).    (Action: CLOSED, R. van Dyk has negotiated the fee and sent all paperwork, SAWE logo, and website ling to April Barth, W. Kiskunas is obtaining SAWE international marketing brochures for the event from Ron Fox)Action: OPEN, A. Barth to send payment and paperwork to TSAA by end of July. 
  • Rod van Dyk and Whidy Kiskunas have agreed to represent our chapter at this event…we would be more than happy to have more of our members participate.

  2)     Other Business 

The Committee for SAWE Weight Reporting is progressing with developing a weight reporting standard.    Various representatives, including those who are members of the SAWE Canada Chapter are contributing to this ongoing discussion.  Whidy gave a brief update of these activities and has been forwarding some draft documents to the executive for feedback. 

3)     Future Technical Decisions

Possible future topics for discussion:  

  • Buoyancy Analysis – will be part of Fall conference
  • What is involved in Hosting an International Conference – part of Fall conference
  • Fuel Migration  – will be part of Fall Conference
  • Hypermesh Tool, Optimization Centers, and Program Management – part of Fall conference 

4) Next Meeting: Thursday Aug. 15th, 2013 @ 12:15pm

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