May 2011


Attendees : Tony Vella, April Barth, George Shpati, Rod Van Dyk, Kathy Lacroix     


1a) Review of Action Items from previous meeting 

  • Update Minutes of Meeting from April 2011- on. (Action: CLOSED K. Lacroix)
  • Send reminder for annual renewal membership fee (Deadline June 1st).  Currently there are 25 of the 45 members which have renewed. (Action: CLOSED A. Barth)
  • Blurb from International SAWE website to be put into Canada Chapter website. (Action: OPEN G. Shpati)
  • Provide more details regarding the global host website rates.  Need to look at different renewal costs. For example 1 year rate is $120.00; 2 year rate is $1.00 less per month than the 1st year rate; 3 year rate is 1$ less per month than the 2 year rate. Decision made to go with the 3 year rate.(Action: CLOSED G. Shpati & A. Barth)
  • Minutes of Meeting board to possibly be reorganized.  For example, older minutes to be archived and combined, organize Minutes by year / month / day, etc. Possibly change it by the year, for example 2011-2012. (Action: OPEN G. Shpati & R. Van Dyke)

1b) Review of Action Items from previous meetings

  • Update Minutes of Meeting up until April 2011. (Action: OPEN S. Norris)
  • EXECUTIVE has agreed to write the abstract for 52 old papers.  There are currently 10 left to finish. (Action: OPEN TBD)
  • Import existing Canada Chapter logo. Tony Vellas`son did the original draft.  Open logo in Fireworks.  Still need to put SAWE Chapter on logo and have a vote on final logo.(Action : OPEN G. Shpati with support from Executive)
  • “About Us” section of website requires information about our Chapter including : purpose of our association, goals, etc.  This was updated to include information from Wikipedia (Action: CLOSED R. Van Dyk)
  • “Technical Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Composite Weight Estimation” (Action: ONGOING Whidy to investigate the chance for an open forum via Webex)

2)      New Action Items

  • Get permission for K. Lacroix to add Minutes of Meeting to SAWE website. (Action:  CLOSED   G. Shpati)
  • Bombardier Business Units to possibly pay SAWE membership dues.  Upper management needs business case to justify the benefits. (Action: OPEN K. Lacroix with support from T. Lyczko)
  • Fall Conference preparation to be held on either the weekend of Sept. 17, 18th or Sept. 24, 25th (Dates still need to be confirmed).  It was decided that the conference is to be held in Montreal this year.  Need to look at different conference rooms (Internet access, Webex, Security clearance), hotels (15 rooms from Approx $120-$150 a night), catering, etc. (Action: ONGOING K. Lacroix with support from S. Norris, R. Hargrave , & Executive)

3)      Future Technical Decisions

  • RP7 & RP8 Aircraft weight estimating call for papers.
  • Executive going ahead in hosting future technical conferences on “Training Requirements / Guidelines for Weights Engineers”. Major topics are with the following dates and facilitators:
  • Weight Projection – Parametrics, analytical tools (Rod –TBA)
  • Weight Management – Trade Studies, creating targets, dealing with suppliers, risk assessment (Luc or Sylvain – TBA)
  • Dates and facilitators to be confirmed.
  • Existing SAWE publications, which can be accessed by all SAWE members,will be used as a starting point and reference for our discussions.
  • Suggestion using 12:00 to 1:00 pm timeframe for all meetings, but will take into account the feedback from our membership.

4) Next Meeting : June 8, 2011 @ 12:00 noon

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