Mar 2012


 Attendees : W. Kiskunas, G. Shpati, R. Van Dyk, K. Lacroix, A. Barth       



1a) Review of Action Items from previous meeting

  • Discussion regarding next years Canadian Chapter SAWE Conference to be held in Torontoon the weekend of either Sept. 22 & 23 or Sept.  29 & 30, 2012.  Dates and possible hotel options still to be confirmed. (Action: OPEN Executive)
  • Review of  a possible standard template for presentations during the SAWE Conferences.  A standard template draft was submitted by N. Riou to The Executive and is currently under further review.  Look at possible logo and layout reorganization to the draft template. (Action: OPEN G. Shpati)
  • Update website with CAEP Information.  Feedback received from T. Vella and R. Hargrave.  This topic was discussed in  the last SAWE meeting.  It was concluded that there are still many open issues with respect to this topic.  SAWE to support the ongoing discussions and receive updates. (Action: OPEN  R. Hargrave with support from Executive)
  • Whidy to send out election ballots by the end of the month. The new Executive has been elected. (Action: CLOSED W. Kiskunis) 

1b) Review of Older Action Items from previous meetings

  • EXECUTIVE has agreed to write the abstract for 52 old papers.  There are currently 10 left to finish. Follow up with Whidy if there are additional items which need to be completed. Split up the remaining unfinished  abstracts among the Executive (Action: OPEN Whidy with support from Executive)
  • “Technical Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Composite Weight Estimation” (Action: CLOSED W. Kiskunas to investigate the chance for an open forum via Webex

2)      Other Business

The SAWE 71st Annual International Conference is to be held May 5-10th,  2012 in Bad Gogging and Manching Bavaria, Germany.

3)      Future Technical Decisions

Possible future topics for discussion:

  • Buoyancy Analysis (TBD)
  • Weight Projection – Parametrics, analytical tools that stress uses for sizing etc.  A possible Telecon and open forum could be organized to further the discussion (R. Van Dyk – TBA)
  • Existing SAWE publications, which can be accessed by all SAWE members, will be used as a starting point and reference for our discussions  

4) Next Meeting : Wed. April 11th, 2012 @ 12:00 noon


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