Jan 2010


EXECUTIVE MEETING No 95 – by WEBEX – Minutes – 2010 Jan. 13

Attendees :
Whidy Kiskunas, Rod van Dyk, Robert Hargrave, Roger Clapp, Keith Brewer, Anthony Vella


1. Review of Action Items from previous meeting

• Forward details of latest job opportunities at Bombardier – Montreal to George Shpati for inclusion in the chapter website. (Action: completed…Rod placed announcement into “latest news” portion of website.)
• Need a unique URL address (suggest sawecanada) (Action: OPEN G. Shpati)
• Populate with latest meeting minutes (Action: completed R. van Dyk…will continue to add more)
• Transfer existing data from current website (may need support from J.M Flamand) (Action: completed with support from J.M Flamand)
• Start populating “calendar” with upcoming meeting dates/times, and conferences. (Action: completed R. van Dyk)…will continue to update as more information arises.
• Import existing Canada Chapter logo. (Action: OPEN G. Shpati, support from A.Vella)
• Advertise SAWE International Conference (Action: OPEN W. Kiskunas)
• Ensure G. Shpati is reimbursed for yearly fees (Action: OPEN? R. Clapp)
• “About” section of website requires information about our chapter including : purpose of our association, goals, etc. (Action : OPEN Roger Clapp)

2. Future Technical Discussions

• Chapter member, Paul Newsham suggested a future technical conference on training requirements/guidelines for Weights Engineers.
– Request Paul to highlight top 5 issues to discuss…send to executive (Action: completed)
– Rod to discuss this issue with Ken LaSalle (Boeing) to understand the relationship of training to the defined “Roles, Responsibilities, Accountability” presented at Technical Conference (Action : R. van Dyk)
– schedule a technical conference via telephone/Webex for this discussion with membership.
(Action : Executive)

3. Membership

• The Canada Chapter currently stands at 43 members…great news!

4. Upcoming Chapter Elections

• Whidy Kiskunas to prepare template for February meeting – populate with all members as supported by Roger Clapp’s membership list.
• Nominations begin at February meeting, followed up for a request for nominations to the general membership.

5. Chapter Report to SAWE International

• Whidy pre-viewed the chapter report with the executive for approval – accepted.

6. Upcoming Conferences

• Canada Chapter Executive would like to get feedback from our membership on whether they will attend the planned International Conference in May at Virginia Beach.
• Information about the conference will be coming from the International Office shortly.

7. Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 10, 12:00 noon.

Submitted by:
Rod van Dyk
Secretary – SAWE Canada Chapter (2009-2010)

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