Apr 2010


EXECUTIVE MEETING No 98 – by WEBEX – Minutes – 2010 Apr. 14

Attendees :
Whidy Kiskunas, Rod van Dyk, Robert Hargrave, Anthony Vella, Roger Clapp


1. Review of Action Items from previous meeting

• Need a unique URL address (suggest sawecanada) (Action: OPEN G. Shpati)
• Import existing Canada Chapter logo. (Action: OPEN G. Shpati, support from A.Vella)
• Ensure G. Shpati is reimbursed for yearly fees (Action: OPEN R. Clapp)
• “About” section of website requires information about our chapter including: purpose of our association, goals, etc. (Action: OPEN Roger Clapp)
• Add photos of previous chapter events/conferences to website. (Action: OPEN W. Kiskunas)
• Schedule a series of technical conferences via telephone/Webex for discussion with membership.
(Action: ONGOING Executive) See proposed dates below…
• Begin planning of Chapter Technical Conference in September – added to agenda for April (Action: OPEN R. Hargrave) see discussion below.
• Receipts of 2009 Chapter Dues need to get out to membership (Action: CLOSED R. Clapp)

2. New Actions

• Share results of election with all the membership giving %involvement, concerns with 3 acclamations (Action: CLOSED W. Kiskunas)
• Add International Conference dates to our website calendar (Action: CLOSED R. van Dyk)

3. Future Technical Discussions

• Executive going ahead in hosting future technical conferences on “Training Requirements/Guidelines for Weights Engineers”. Major topics are with the suggested the following dates and facilitators:

• Weight Estimation – including all mass properties – Whidy – APR.28 – COMPLETE with some follow-up required (10 chapter participants, 2 non-chapter participants) Results to be discussed at next executive meeting.
• Weight Projection – parametrics, analytical tools – Rod – MAY.26?
• Weight Verification – actuals – Whidy – JUNE 30?
• Weight Management – trade studies, creating targets, dealing with suppliers, risk assessment – Luc or Sylvain? – JULY 14?(Whidy to contact them)

• We will be confirming our dates & facilitators over the next couple of weeks
• Existing SAWE publications, which can be accessed by all SAWE members, will be used as a starting point and reference for our discussions.
• Suggesting using 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm timeframe for all meetings, but will take into account the feedback from our membership.

4. Chapter Elections

• 2010-2011 Executive has been chosen:
• Director – Whidy Kiskunas
• President – Robert Hargrave
• Vice-President – Anthony Vella
• Treasurer – April Barth
• Secretary – Stuart Norris
• Technical Advisor – Rod van Dyk

• We discussed some disappointment that 3 positions were won by acclamation due to the amount of members declining to accept their nominations to the ballot. Whidy will send out the election statistics to give some feedback on this issue. Main message to send to the membership is: “We need participation from a larger percentage of our membership to insure the viability of this chapter”.
• Executive hand-over will occur at the May monthly meeting.
• Welcome to April and Stuart, our newest executive members!
• Thank you, to Roger and Keith for their faithful service to our chapter!

5. Canada Chapter Technical Conference – Sept 2010

• Due to the positive response from our 2009 conference in Gananoque, we are beginning the preliminary plans to launch another conference at the end of Sept 2010.
• We need feedback from our membership on location (Toronto/Montreal or Kingston) and suggested date (Sept.18 or 25).
• There will be a registration fee for the event for a reasonable amount.

6. Membership Fees

• Fees for 2010-2011 membership have been set at $50 CDN ($25 for retirees, and $15 for students).
• April Barth will send out notices giving the option of paying the fees through the chapter or International office.

7. Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 12, 12:00 noon.

Submitted by:

Rod van Dyk
Secretary – SAWE Canada Chapter (2009-2010)

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