Mar 2010


EXECUTIVE MEETING No 97 – by WEBEX – Minutes – 2010 Mar. 10

Attendees :
Whidy Kiskunas, Rod van Dyk, Robert Hargrave, Anthony Vella, Keith Brewer


1. Review of Action Items from previous meeting

• Need a unique URL address (suggest sawecanada) (Action: OPEN G. Shpati)
• Import existing Canada Chapter logo. (Action: OPEN G. Shpati, support from A.Vella)
• Ensure G. Shpati is reimbursed for yearly fees (Action: OPEN? R. Clapp)
• “About” section of website requires information about our chapter including: purpose of our association, goals, etc. (Action: OPEN Roger Clapp)
• Add contact e-mail addresses for exec members on minutes. (Action: CLOSED R. van Dyk)
• Add photos of previous chapter events/conferences to website. (Action: OPEN W. Kiskunas)
• Review idea of “junior exec position” on the board (Action: OPEN Executive)
• Rod to discuss with Ken LaSalle (Boeing) to understand the relationship of training to the defined “Roles, Responsibilities, Accountability” presented at Technical Conference (Action: CLOSED R. van Dyk) — can we post the presentation on the website?
• Schedule a series of technical conferences via telephone/Webex for discussion with membership.
(Action: OPEN Executive) See proposed dates below…

2. New Actions

• Begin planning of Chapter Technical Conference in September – add to agenda for April (Action: OPEN R. Hargrave)
• Receipts of 2009 Chapter Dues need to get out to membership (Action: OPEN R. Clapp)

3. Future Technical Discussions

• Executive will go ahead in hosting future technical conferences on “Training Requirements/Guidelines for Weights Engineers”. We will be splitting up our technical discussions into the following major topics and have suggested the following dates and facilitators:

• Weight Estimation – including all mass properties – Whidy – APR.7
• Weight Projection – parametrics, analytical tools – Rod – MAY.5
• Weight Verification – actuals – Whidy – JUNE 2
• Weight Management – trade studies, creating targets, dealing with suppliers, risk assessment – Luc or Sylvain? – JULY 7

• We will be confirming our dates & facilitators over the next couple of weeks
• Existing SAWE publications, which can be accessed by all SAWE members, will be used as a starting point and reference for our discussions.
• Suggesting using 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm timeframe for all meetings, but will take into account the feedback from our membership.

4. Chapter Elections

• All nominations have been completed. Whidy Kiskunas will be contacting those individuals that are currently “acclaimed” since there were many individuals who decided to not accept their nomination to certain positions.
• Once these discussions have taken place, the voting forms will be sent out on Mar.25, with voting completed by Mar.31.

5. Upcoming Conferences

• Now that the official invitations have been sent to all SAWE members, the Canada Chapter Executive would like to get feedback from our membership on whether they will attend the planned International Conference in May at Virginia Beach – so far the feedback indicates that most Canada Chapter members will not be able to participate.

6. Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 14, 12:00 noon.

Submitted by:
Rod vanDyk
Secretary – SAWE Canada Chapter

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