Jul 2011


 Attendees : Tony Vella, George Shpati, April Barth, Rod Van Dyk, Whidy Kiskunas, Kathy Lacroix       


 1a) Review of Action Items from previous meeting 

  • Send another reminder for annual renewal membership fees (Revised Deadline June 30th).  Currently there are 34 of the 45 members which have renewed. This leaves 9 outstanding with 1 confirmed non-renewal. (Action: CLOSED A. Barth)
  • List of hotel options has been provided  to the Executive. A decision was made to go ahead with The Dorval Sheraton as the chosen location for the conference to be held the weekend of Sept 17th & 18th. (Action: CLOSED  Executive)
  • Organize Bombardier Plant Tour for Sunday Sept 18th. An outline of the plan and timeline needs to be submitted. Additionally, a conference room for a closeout meeting needs to be arranged for after the Plant Tour. (Action: OPEN K. Lacroix with support from R. Hargrave and S. Norris)
  • Each executive member is to come up with 3 new topics that could be discussed during the Fall Conference. (Action: OPEN Executive)
  • Provide a blurb about CAEP to put in the minutes of meeting. (Action: CLOSED T. Vella)
  • The size of the conference room and catering still needs to be decided upon depending on the number of people in attendance. Furthermore, a projector, power bar, and extension cord will need to be brought to the conference. (Action: OPEN Executive)
  • Send out a revised SAWE Conference Invitation which includes additional information pertaining to non member fees to attend the fall conference.  It was agreed upon that a $75.00 fee be charged to non members who want to attend the conference. (Action: CLOSED R. Van Dyke)
  • Presenters for the SAWE conference to put together abstracts of what they are presenting. (Action: OPEN Presenters still TBD)

1b) Review of Older Action Items from previous meetings

  • Update Minutes of Meeting up until April 2011. (Action: OPEN S. Norris)
  • EXECUTIVE has agreed to write the abstract for 52 old papers.  There are currently 10 left to finish. (Action: OPEN S. Norris)
  • Import existing Canada Chapter logo. Tony Vella`s son did the original draft.  Open logo in Fireworks.  Still need to put SAWE Chapter on logo and have a vote on final logo. Revamp the look of the site. (Action : OPEN G. Shpati with support from T. Vella)
  •  “Technical Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Composite Weight Estimation” (Action: OPEN Whidy to investigate the chance for an open forum via Webex)
  • Bombardier Business Units to possibly pay SAWE membership dues.  Upper management needs a business case to justify the benefits. The target should be for next year membership renewals. (Action: OPEN K. Lacroix with support from T. Lyczko)

2)      Other Business:

One of the main topics of discussion during the 70th SAWE International Conference which was held in Houston, Texas from May 16th to 19th was that of CAEP.  See discussion below: 

CAEP – stands for Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection.  This committee was created by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). CAEP is working on comprehensive models describing future aircraft fleet composition, operating patterns,  and emissions production.  Such models depend on the availability of data describing current fleets and operations as well as on the foreseeable technological, operational, and infrastructural improvements. 

3)      Future Technical Decisions

Possible future topics for discussion:

  • CG Envelopes (Longitudinal, Lateral, and Vertical) (G. Shpati – TBA)
  • Development and Use of a Loading Schedule and Trim Sheet (A. Barth – TBA)
  • Discussion Regarding Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 (W. Kiskunas– TBA)
  • SAWE International Update ( W. Kiskunas – TBA)
  • Optimization of 3D Models (T. Lyczko – TBA)
  • Composites (TBA)
  • Weight Projection – Parametrics, analytical tools (R. Van Dyk – TBA)
  • Existing SAWE publications, which can be accessed by all SAWE members, will be used as a starting point and reference for our discussions

4) Next Meeting : August 17th, 2011 @ 12:00 noon

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