June 2014 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter

Executive Meeting Minutes: Telecom June 12, 2014, 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm

Attendees: Robert Hargrave, David Stansfield, Rod vanDyk, April Tang, Carmine Gigliotti, Kathy Lacroix

 1)            Current Discussion

  • SAWE International Conference Review – 2014
    • Provide minutes of meeting for the 73rd Annual International Conference which was held on May 17-21st in Long Beach, California – ACTION: R. vanDyke & R. Hargrave – OPEN
  • SAWE Fall Conference Planning– Kingston, Ontario – 2014
    • Contact hotel (ie. Holiday Inn Kingston) and Conference Facility (ie. Queens University). Review and sign contracts with hotel and conference facility – ACTION: R. vanDyke, A. Tang, K. Lacroix – CLOSED
    • Put together Invitation for the fall Conference event to post on website – ACTION: R. vanDyke, R. Hargrave – OPEN
    • Send out Invitation for Fall conference – ACTION: R. vanDyke, & Executive – OPEN
  • SAWE International Conference Planning– Montreal – 2017
    • Bid was presented by Whidy at the SAWE Executive Board meeting on May 17, 2014 in Long Beach, CA. Bid was accepted and Montreal was chosen for the 2017 International Fall Conference – Congratulations All – Great Job! Bid presentation needs to be posted onto our chapter website ACTION: R. vanDyke –OPEN
    • Send a summary of responsibilities and initial announcements to the chapter membership that bid was accepted – ACTION : R. vanDyk  – CLOSED
    • Meeting to be planned by Committe for July 17th to review the different hotel options and provide feedback to D.J. Feldman & R. Watkins – ACTION : R. vanDyke, W. Kiskunas, R. Hargrave, S. Norris, K. Lacroix – OPEN


  • Membership
    • 38 members, 3 Student members – to date we have 22 renewed members, 14 non renewed members and the rest are free memberships. Send out another reminder to those who have not yet paid – ACTION : A. Tang – OPEN
    • 2014-2015 fee is $60 US or $65 CDN – note that the International Board may increase the membership rate after the LA conference – Reinstatement fees may be applicable
    • Rod to remove all non-renewed members and add new members to the website roster – ACTION : R. vanDyke – OPEN
    • Welcome to Samir Khalfoun– our newest member. Please add him to the SAWE website and mailing list. Need to confirm if notification of membership went through ACTION: R. vanDyke, A. Tang, R. Hargrave, K. Lacroix – OPEN


  • Website
    • Website has been restored but certain applications are not working (calendar, pictures, posted papers, etc.) – further work needs to be resolved – may indicate that we will need to use a different webhost service – ACTION – G.Shpati to troubleshoot and inform executive of progress by June 17 – CLOSED
    • Discuss webhosting options with SAWE International Webmaster (A.Brooks) – ACTION : W. Kiskunas – OPEN
    • Renew website host fees for 2 years. Further discussion indicated to renew another 2 years with the current webhost service. –ACTION – G. Shpati/A.Tang – OPEN
    • Review if new information for last conference has been posted (ie.pictures and papers) – ACTION – R. Hargrave to follow up with George and Nicolas – OPEN

2)      Other Business

  • The Committee for SAWE Weight Reporting
    • Is progressing with developing a weight reporting standard.    Various representatives, including those who are members of the SAWE Canada Chapter are contributing to this ongoing discussion.  Whidy gave a brief update of these activities and has been forwarding some draft documents to the executive for feedback.  This was also a discussion topic at this year’s conference in Montreal.
    • For this meeting…Whidy has notified us that there will be additional discussions happening at the International Conference in LA in May. He will inform us of the results of those discussions.
      • Check Information available on http://sawe.org/ under About Us à News
      • Only item is the request for Members Needed for New Consensus Body created by the SAWE SPC Committee to Develop a SAWE Recommended Practice for Weight Reporting in the Aviation Industry issued on Sept 4, 2012.
    • D. Stansfield to attend Standard Vendor Reporting meetings – ACTION – D. Stansfield & backup TBD – OPEN


  • Discussion:     FAA AC 120-27 F draft version
    • Further to recent emails within the membership, this was raised to identify the current status and any discussion at the international level.
    • Essentially remove standard passenger and crew weights… require using actual or survey weights
    • Whidy indicated that there may be discussion on this at the next international conference and would be a suitable topic for Airline Affairs (Focal: Ed Davis)
    • We perceive this will challenge the design requirements. Boeing has indicated some concerns for airlines to apply and impacts based on location/geography.
    • Question remains that aircraft manufacturers will have to address this in regards to design requirements…. Robert will speak further with Ed Davis.
    • For this meeting…. Email update R Hargrave to SAWE Canada executive – Proposal from SAWE team lead by Ed Davis, sent to FAA on Jan 29th.
    • Will see about putting on website or seeing if there is a live link on SAWE International site. (Robert – CLOSED)
    • R. Hargrave to attend Standardized Passenger and crew weights meetings – ACTION – R. Hargrave & Backup – OPEN
  • Training

o   Jerry Pierson (new Vice President – Training). Jerry asked if people were interested in becoming trainers or back up trainers. Topic of the training is on curtailments of flight (American Airlines)

3)      Action Items (all outstanding actions are listing here for visibility… please ensure to review and update as needed).

  • Look for further opportunities to create partnerships with student engineering organizations, specifically in the Montreal region. Bombardier doing course with Polytechnique – ROB/STUART
  • Request SAWE International financial support in maintaining our sponsorship/attendance at further TSAA or similar conferences for the purpose of marketing the SAWE and growing our membership

o   Whidy has had an initial discussion with Ron Fox, Indications are that SAWE International is non-profit and doesn’t have funds.

o   Whidy will continue conversation with Ron at International Conference

4)      Next Executive Meeting scheduled on Thursday July 10th, 2014.

 Note: In general any actions that were noted as closed in the last minutes, will be removed from the current meeting minutes.

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