January 2014 Minutes

January Minutes – WEBEX – Thursday, January 9th


Attendees: R. vanDyk, R. Hargrave, A. Tang, G. Shapti, Nicolas Riou, P. Newsham, K. Lacroix, W. Kiskunas, S. Norris      

1)      Current Discussion

  • Membership
    • 35 Members, 3 Student Members
    • Any non-renewed members to be removed from the member ship list. Rod to remove non-renewed members from website – COMPLETE
  • Website
    • Website Forum has been closed due to spam issues
    • An alternate format that could be setup up is a guest book type entry that requires review/approval before it is posted. Also open to looking at any other suggestions.
  • SAWE International Conference – Montreal
    • Executive decision made for Canada Chapter to host the 2017 International Conference in 2017 (preferred) or 2018. 
    • This means also hosting a Regional Conference in 2016 at the same location.  We would do this in place of our regularly scheduled Fall Conference.
    • Rob/Whidy to communicate intentions to SAWE International – COMPLETE
    • Reviewed guidelines for bidding and started the process of nominating a “Basic Committee”
    • “Basic Committee” formed : K. Lacroix, S. Norris, W. Kiskunas, R. Hargrave
    • K. Lacroix and S. Norris to create a bid presentation that will go to the International Board (R. vanDyk to forward examples from previous bids – COMPLETE)
    • Draft pitch to be reviewed at next Board Meeting – Feb.13, 2014
    • Need to send a summary of responsibilities and initial announcements to the chapter membership once our bid is accepted – ACTION : R. vanDyk 

2)      Other Business (was not addressed in Jan meeting — needs to be added to Feb agenda)

  • The Committee for SAWE Weight Reporting – No update or changes at this time.
    • Is progressing with developing a weight reporting standard.    Various representatives, including those who are members of the SAWE Canada Chapter are contributing to this ongoing discussion.  Whidy gave a brief update of these activities and has been forwarding some draft documents to the executive for feedback.  This was also a discussion topic at this year’s conference in Montreal.
  • Discussion:     FAA AC 120-27 F draft version
    • Further to recent emails within the membership, this was raised to identify the current status and any discussion at the international level.
    • Essentially remove standard passenger and crew weights… require using actual or survey weights
    • Whidy indicated that there may be discussion on this at the next international conference and would be a suitable topic for Airline Affairs (Focal: Ed Davis)
    • We perceive this will challenge the design requirements. Boeing has indicated some concerns for airlines to apply and impacts based on location/geography.
    • Question remains that aircraft manufacturers will have to address this in regards to design requirements…. Robert will speak further with Ed Davis.

3)      Action Items (all outstanding actions are listing here for visibility… please ensure to review and update as needed)

  • Open Actions from November 2013 Meeting –
    • Look for further opportunities to create partnerships with student engineering organizations, specifically in the Montreal region – ROB/STUART
    • Request more SAWE International financial support in maintaining our sponsorship/attendance at further TSAA or similar conferences for the purpose of marketing the SAWE and growing our membership – WHIDY (discuss with Ron Fox)
    • Follow-up actions from Montreal conference – OVERDUE
      • Note to membership – giving details on the conference – ROD
      • Thank you to Altair – Vendor Sponsor and presenter – revised… to be done by ROBERT – COMPLETED IN FEB 2014
      • Thank you to SAWE International – Anthony Primozich – revised…. To be done by WHIDY – COMPLETED IN JAN 2014

4)      Next Executive Meeting schedule for Thursday, Feb 13th, 2014.


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