December 2014 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter

Executive Meeting Minutes: Telecom Wednesday December 10th, 2014, 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm

Attendees: R. Hargrave, R. van Dyke , A. Tang, K. Lacroix

1)            Current Discussion

On behalf of The Canadian Chapter we would like to thank Whidy Kiskunas for presenting our society at this years TSAA held on November 7, 8 & 9th in Toronto.  His dedication and passion for the society has helped to make the mass properties discipline respected in our industries!!

  • SAWE Canadian Fall Conference Planning – 2015
    • Discussion regarding next years fall conference. ACTION: Executive- OPEN
    • Develop a way forward to increase SAWE membership for 2015. ACTION: Executive – OPEN


  • SAWE Regional Fall Conference Planning – 2016
    • Discussion regarding who will be responsible for the hotel negotiation for this conference? Do we hold this conference at The Omni Mont-Royal Hotel? How many days will the conference be (ex. 2 days, etc) and will it be held during the weekend or on weekdays? ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Discussion regarding who will be involved with the sponsorship for this conference? ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Discussion regarding the roles the different Regional Chapters (ie. Philadelphia, Boston, Washington – Kiddy Hawk) will have in this conference. ACTION: Executive – OPEN


  • SAWE International Conference Planning– Montreal – 2017
    • Review Roles and Responsibilities for conference during the January 2015 SAWE monthly meeting. Refer to page 5 & 6 of the presentation for the various roles that will need to be filled. ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Sponsorship Discussion. Who is responsible? ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Plan for kickoff discussion for International Conference Planning. ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Guest speaker discussion (ex. Marc Andre Valiquette) – ACTION: R. vanDyke & Executive – OPEN


  • Membership
    • Update membership lists (Email, etc) with the most current members. ACTION : K. Lacroix & A. Tang – CLOSED


  • Website
    • Add in a new tab for the 2015 Minutes of Meeting. ACTION: Executive – CLOSED

2)      Other Business

  • The Committee for SAWE Weight Reporting
    • Is progressing with developing a weight reporting standard.    Various representatives, including those who are members of the SAWE Canada Chapter are contributing to this ongoing discussion.  Whidy gave a brief update of these activities and has been forwarding some draft documents to the executive for feedback.  This was also a discussion topic at this year’s conference in Montreal.


    • Whidy has notified us about the results of these ongoing discussions.
      • Check Information available on under About Us à News
      • Request for Members Needed for New Consensus Body created by the SAWE SPC Committee to Develop a SAWE Recommended Practice for Weight Reporting in the Aviation Industry issued on Sept 4, 2012.
      • New title for Weight Report is `Standard Weight Report for Aviation Components`.
      • All macros were removed from the weight reporting template.


  • Discussion:     FAA AC 120-27 F draft version
    • Standardized Passengers and Crew weights – The current status is that the FAA has decided to revise the draft document and it is currently awaiting public review. Please see the link below for further information.

3)      Action Items (all outstanding actions are listing here for visibility). Please ensure to review and update as needed.

  • Look for further opportunities to create partnerships with student engineering organizations, specifically in the Montreal and Toronto region. For example, Bombardier doing course with Ecole Polytechnique. Furthermore, request SAWE International financial support in maintaining our sponsorship /attendance at further TSAA events or similar conferences for the purpose of marketing the SAWE and growing our membership. ACTION : Rob/Stuart/Rod/Whidy – ONGOING


4)      Next Executive Meeting scheduled on Wednesday January 14th, 2015 at 12:15.


Note: In general any actions that were noted as closed in the last minutes, will be removed from the current meeting minutes.


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