Oct 2017 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter

Executive Meeting Minutes – Monthly Teleconference

Wednesday October 11, 2017

12:15pm – 1:00pm ET



  • R. Van Dyk
  • W. Kiskunas
  • R. Hargrave
  • A. Tang
  • P. Newsham
  • D. Gamble


Agenda – October 11, 2017

Emerging Topics

  • New items
  • SAWE Canada business
  • SAWE International business


Review of last minutes and action items

  • Status on open items


Confirm next meeting


Remaining Tasks from the 2017 International

With the TX regional conference just having happened, Ron hasn’t been able to finish with April for completing 2017 international conference actions.

ACTION: Left over funds from conference need to go back to the SAWE international for the next conference in 2018 – April

ACTION: April to review expenses categorized in the budget to finalize actuals


Server / Domain Fees

April said that George no longer needs to be involved, we now have sufficient control now for sawe.ca domain.

Rod, Robert and April have admin access – April has sent instructions to Robert and Rod for how to access and navigate the admin side of the website.

ACTION: see if we can setup info@sawe.ca as additional account on Outlook for all chapter executive.


Chapter Membership

April noticed there were a couple members that were missed on the email list, who were from BC. They had signed up in Feb 2017, so they get the three months free and the full following year. Rod has confirmed those two members are listed as on our website.

New member joined in May 2017 – Air Canada load engineer

Another new member in September 2017 – Naval Architect

Rod suggested that we encourage some of the BC and NF members to run for the Canada Chapter Executive to get better regional and industry representation.

Women in Aerospace events in Hamilton ON for 2017 – April is considering attending, possible membership drive?

ACTION: Robert/Whidy – Send email to the newer members for survey of who they are, what they do and what would they like to see from the society.

ACTION: Rod – follow up with Andy now that Regional conference in TX is finished regarding BC members to possibly join Seattle chapter for better regional representation, if they haven’t yet renewed.


Plan for the coming year

Usually get an email request from SAWE international for plan for this coming year (calendar year, so next January)

Continue to reach-out to the universities (no recent collaboration from Ryerson or UofT for further papers)

Industry and universities presentations (particularly the one that was translated into French that hasn’t been presented yet in Montreal)

Membership drive (student and professional), engagement with current members

Airlines affairs (Rob Hargrave) – passenger loading input / recommendations

Whidy’s boards that he’s sitting on

Who submits a plan for the chapter’s coming year’s plans?  Either Director or President – email from SAWE international.

Need to detail out the plans once the request comes in.

Robert noted that the minutes from previous airline affairs sessions haven’t been posted online – will contact Andy to see about how individuals in the various chapters


Upcoming International Conferences:

2018 – Texas

2019 – Virginia

2020 – Hamburg, Germany (just accepted by the International Committee)



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