June 2017 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter
Executive Meeting Minutes – Monthly Teleconference
Wednesday June 14, 2017
12:15pm – 1:00pm ET
  • R. van Dyk
  • W. Kiskunas
  • R. Hargrave
  • A. Tang
  • D. Gamble
  • P. Newsham
  • Welcome to new board
  • Close-out of conference activities (invoices to be paid, photographs and write-ups for the fall journal)
  • Website invoice to be paid
  • Membership issues/status
  • Plan for the coming year
  • Update on Status of Canada Chapter (Non – Conference) Accounts
Welcome to new board:
  • Darren and Paul are new to SAWE Canada Chapter Board of Directors
  • Discussion about minutes and how to handle them, keep them online etc?  
  • DECISION: No change to anything at this time
  • ACTION: Rod to assist Paul with template / website access and uploading method

Close-out of conference activities (invoices to be paid, photographs and write-ups for the fall journal)
Invoices for Conference 
  • Was this discussed at all?  I didnt write anything down here…
  • Rob and Nicolas have posted photos, Whidy downloaded and they aren’t of good quality because they are PDF index only
  • The photos are grouped into the events / sessions
  • Some pics still missing, Rob and Nico are still collecting and haven’t yet uploaded in some cases
  • File system is their working copy, so it’s open and can be edited (photos rename or deleted), so access to the photos should be limited
  • Still also doing “forensics” to capture who everyone was at each event
  • SAWE international has asked for all contributions for the Fall Journal to be submitted by mid June. 
  • ACTION: Whidy to assign names / key contacts to ensure that all contributions are completed by end of June. Individual actions for Special Events and Training are listed in SAWE Canada Board action log
Website invoice
  • Discussion ensued about the increase of price on the 3-year fixed term with the current website host. 
  • DECISION: Go ahead and pay for the 3 years, using revenues from Regional Conference to offset the increase and find a better solution as of June 2020.
  • ACTION: April to pay invoice for current website host.
  • ACTION: Whidy to speak with Andy Brooks regarding what could be done through SAWE International, but there’s quite a few restrictions that would need to be resolved.
Membership Status
  • SAWE Canada has been subsidizing the USD-CAD difference to improve membership numbers
  • Regional conference revenues will help the chapter to continue this in the coming years, but we must come up with additional ways to maintain our current membership numbers and, more importantly, to increase the membership 
  • Robert and Whidy discussed how exciting and important the student participation of the 2017 international conference was for SAWE Canada and International.
  • DECISION: Add photos and feedback from Students and Vendors on the Canada SAWE Chapter website to highlight positive participation and impact they had with the 2017 International Conference in Montreal.
  • Continue the momentum with the student participation by continuing engaging with the students, build with others spread the word about the benefits over the next 3 years before their graduation.
Plan for the coming year
  • Wrap up all actions required for the International Conference and the 
  • Continue engagement with students and vendors from the 2017 International Conference
  • DECISION: Use the Bombardier Aerospace WEBEX for future meetings for easier connectivity for the Bombardier SAWE board members
  • Plans for coming year will be further discussed at July Board meeting.
Status of Canada Chapter (Non – Conference) Accounts
  • April discussed that we have a healthy account relative to this time last year
  • This is particularly thanks to revenues from the Regional Conference back in November 2016 (conference dues, vendors and sponsors).
Next meeting on July 12, 2017 at 12:15pm ET.
Action ID Mtg Date Action Description Action Owner Need Date ECD Status Comments
2017-001 14-Jun-17 Pay SAWE Canada website host April 14-Jun-17 14-Jun-17 CLOSED Paid by A. Tang (June 14, 2017, due June 2, 2020, but Board will try to find less expensive alternate before then)
2017-002 14-Jun-17 Get details from Andy Brooks for what SAWE Canada could do for their website through the International Whidy 31-Dec-17 TBD OPEN Could we possibly move our website to be an integrated part of the international website?  What sort of restrictions / limitations would we have, and what sort of features would we need to sacrifice?  Would it be worth it to save money?
2017-003 14-Jun-17 Find new website host / website solution for saving money BOARD 31-Dec-19 TBD OPEN Decide on less expensive alternative by June 2020
2017-004 14-Jun-17 Assign names for each conference write-up outstanding for the Fall 2017 journal Whidy 15-Jun-17 TBD OPEN
2017-005 14-Jun-17 International Conference social events write-ups for the Fall 2017 journal Whidy 30-Jun-17 TBD OPEN Whidy – Wine Tour, Modavie
Chris Kiskunas – Aviation Museum, Motorcoach Tour
Tony / Whidy – Lachine Rapids
2017-006 14-Jun-17 International Conference training write-ups for the Fall 2017 journal Rod 30-Jun-17 TBD OPEN To coordinate with Paul Kennedy
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