July 2017 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter

Executive Meeting Minutes – Monthly Teleconference

Wednesday July 12, 2017

12:15pm – 1:00pm ET



  • R. Van Dyk
  • W. Kiskunas
  • R. Hargrave
  • A. Tang
  • P. Newsham


Agenda – July 12, 2017

Emerging topics

  • New items
  • Any SAWE Canada business
  • Any SAWE International business

Review of last minutes

  • Status on open items

Confirm next meeting


Server / Domain Fees / Membership

Domain name will need to be paid for the next three years (less than $100 / 3 years) through July 15

ACTION: April to follow up with George to transfer the notifications / membership over to April

Should others get the emails for administrator?

Who gets the email for info@sawe.ca???

ACTION: April to ask George to re-assign the info@sawe.ca email website


Fall Conference

Fall conference – take hiatus for 2017 due to international that we have hosted, would have had to begin the planning before the international conference (unrealistic)


International Conference – Outstanding Actions?

Fall journal contributions – waiting for outstanding information

Transitions between Robert Ridenour and Nick Marickovich for publications

Coordinate vendor photos with Paul Kennedy – Rod van Dyk before end of next week

Writeups for vendors already complete

All of the bills have been paid, cheques are all cashed

ACTION: Left over funds from conference need to go back to the SAWE international for the next conference in 2018 – April

ACTION: April to review expenses categorized in the budget to finalize actuals


Plan for the coming year

Usually get an email request from SAWE international for plan for this coming year (calendar year, so next January)

Continue to reach-out to the universities

Industry and universities presentations (particularly the one that was translated into French that hasn’t been presented yet in Montreal)

Membership drive (student and professional)

Airlines affairs (Rob Hargrave) – passenger loading input / recommendations

Whidy’s boards that he’s sitting on


Membership Update

22 paid, 6 are new members, 3 lifetime members

15 members still to renew, April to send out another reminder


Action Review

Whidy to have the discussion with Andy Brooks before end of year regarding SAWE international website

Close actions for conference writeups for Whidy

Vendors writeup almost complete, just need photographs submitted (Rod van Dyk by end of July)

Action closed for Rod helping me get minutes onto website.

Access to pictures from conference

  • Melissa Rapier (FB group) has link and will post pics on FB site
  • ACTION: Rob to make site that is read/download only – no editing permitted (to get suggestions from SAWE international for what has worked for previous conferences)




Focus on 2018 chapter projects

Review action items

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