November 2015 Minutes

SAWE Canada Chapter

Executive Meeting Minutes: Telecom Wednesday November 11th, 2015, 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm

Attendees: R. VanDyke, R. Hargrave, S. Norris, D. Stansfield, D. Gamble, K. Lacroix

1)           Current Discussion

  • SAWE Regional Fall Conference Planning – 2016 
    • Discussion regarding who will be involved with the sponsorship for this conference?
      • Rick Watkins is putting together a brochure for new sponsorship.  Rod to send out sponsorship list of companies to committee. Response received from Aero Montreal (ie. Helene V. Gagnon)
      • Refer to Aero Montreal site ( for potential sponsors.
      • Rod pickup discussion with David and sent request to Aero Montreal… awaiting response….
      • Verify if companies have AV equipment which they can loan / contract out to us for the conference.
      • From SAWE International, there is a standardized letter for sponsorship.
      • ACTION : R. Hargrave, W. Kiskunas, R. vanDyke, K. Lacroix – OPEN
    • Discussion regarding opening up a bank account in Montreal.
      • Will this be in US or CAD dollars?
      • April to give different bank options. Speak to R. Watkins and R. Fox to see what was done for past conferences?
      • Tangerine option seems to be out.
      • ACTION: A. Tang, R. vanDyke & Executive – OPEN
    • 2017 SAWE International Conference Planning Document folder
      • Has been added to Canadian SAWE website for the International planning committee.
      • Need to transfer the 2016 & 2017 planning information into this folder.
      • ACTION: R. vandyke to put on SAWE website– OPEN
    • Registration Committee meeting with C. Vidakovic and J. Ramos to be set up with the US Chapter Registration counterparts_ Date to be confirmed??. April to attend this registration meeting. Webex training to occur so waiting for US to approach C. Vidakovic and J. Ramos. ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Detailed activities to pick up at next planning meeting scheduled for November 26th


  • SAWE International Conference Planning– Montreal – 2017


    • Review Roles and Responsibilities for conference during 2015 SAWE monthly meeting.
      • ACTION: Executive – OPEN [Need a secondary contact for training (C. Roux?) and primary contact for the website)].
    • Sponsorship Discussion.
      • Who is responsible?
      • ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Guest speaker discussion (ex. Marc Andre Valiquette).
      • M. Valiquette interested in speaking during the 2016 conference as well.
      • Possibly Marc Andre would be interested in doing a dry run to get feedback
      • ACTION: R. vanDyke & Executive – OPEN
    • Conference Planning Template
      • R. vanDyke has created an initial template for each International committee planning discipline which is to be filled in by each discipline and sent back to him.
      • R. vanDyke will compile all these files into one master file
        • Still progressing, recent update on registration by Cviko
        • When master file is complete, and will add this file to the website under the folder 2017 SAWE International Conference Planning Documents.
      • ACTION: Executive – OPEN
    • Training – Key Area
      • There have been queries and suggestions from International.
      • Training a key component of the conference.
      • Suggest separate meeting with chair and Tony to ensure getting support and planning the direction we need to go….
      • ACTION: Executive – OPEN

                     Detailed activities to pick up at next planning meeting scheduled to be scheduled  in January  2016  ACTION : Executive – Survey the Group at Large – OPEN    

Membership status update:

    • There are currently 39 potential members (23 paid, 1 lifetime, 1 free, 8 students, 6 outstanding).
    • Update website and email addresses to reflect the most current Canadian Chapter SAWE membership.
    • ACTION: Executive– OPEN

2)      Other Business

  • The Committee for SAWE Weight Reporting
    • Is progressing with developing a weight reporting standard.    Various representatives, including those who are members of the SAWE Canada Chapter are contributing to this ongoing discussion.  Whidy gave a brief update of these activities and has been forwarding some draft documents to the executive for feedback.  Currently the weight reporting template has been sent for final approval and is out for public review. See link below for where this is located for public review.


Whidy has notified us about the results of these ongoing discussions.

      • Check Information available on under About Us à News
      • Request for Members Needed for New Consensus Body created by the SAWE SPC Committee to Develop a SAWE Recommended Practice for Weight Reporting in the Aviation Industry issued on Sept 4, 2012.
      • New title for Weight Report is `Standard Weight Report for Aviation Components`.
      • All macros were removed from the weight reporting template.


  • Discussion:     FAA AC 120-27 E draft version (Rev F was redrafted and available for public comments)
    • Standardized Passengers and Crew weights – The current status is that the FAA has decided to revise the draft document and it is currently awaiting public review.
    •  This has been drafted with reference to new Hanes statistical weight values…  public review to Dec 2015.
      • (Links to be updated)


3)      Action Items (all outstanding actions are listing here for visibility). Please ensure to review and update as needed.

  • Look for further opportunities to create partnerships with student engineering organizations, specifically in the Montreal and Toronto For example, Bombardier doing course with Ecole Polytechnique. Furthermore, request SAWE International financial support in maintaining our sponsorship /attendance at further TSAA events or similar conferences for the purpose of marketing the SAWE and growing our membership. Put out feelers to the various universities for the upcoming 2016 conference (ie. McGill, Concordia, Ecole Polytechnique, etc) ACTION : Rob/Stuart/Rod/Whidy – ONGOING
  • Whidy to speak with VP of Communications to achieve a standard letter format which was used in the past to send to universities for student papers. Whidy to get presentation and follow up with University of Toronto, Ryerson, etc. ACTION: W. Kiskunas & A. Vella – OPEN
  • SAWE EVP 2015-2016 – Letter from R Hundl

o   There was discussion on the letter from R Hundl. Rod had sent an email with some feedback, however it clarified a more formal response was requested.

o   Action: Executive ONGOING


4)      Next Executive Meeting scheduled on Wednesday December 9th, 2015 at 12:15

 Note: In general any actions that were noted as closed in the last minutes, will be removed from the current meeting minutes

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